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In a society like today’s, in which speed is the common paradigm for almost all professional and personal activities, we find law firms, lawyers and clients who want to obtain fast results with little effort. That is why many of them direct their promotional activities to social networks, advertising, etc., believing that with this the achievement of results will be infallible.

The mistake is in confusing the vehicle with the trip. That is, first we must draw the route, the goal, study the strategy, create the plan and then apply those tools that will help us move from the idea to the concrete result. If you want to go on a trip to the desert, you will take a vehicle adapted to the sand. If you have to cross a sea you will go by plane or by boat. Each situation and goal (destination) requires a means.

When we talk about marketing (strategy) we know that according to our objectives we will have to use some tools or others. That is, communication (tactics), in its different forms, is at the service of strategy. Believing that the use of social networks, without more, for example, is going to be definitive to get clients, is believing that you can make any trip with any vehicle

Choose your trip, plan its stages, analyze the terrain and then you will see which vehicle you choose.

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