Barton Consultants is a consultancy firm specializing in marketing and business development, talent management and organization for professional firms.

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We also train our clients in the skills necessary for them to achieve their goals.

The competitiveness of the firm in the market depends as much on the marketing strategy as on the organization and internal communication. What is trully effective to be competitive is the balance between strategy and organization. Barton works for their clients applying this comprehensive vision of the firm. 20 years in the market guarantee the success of our methodology.


  • Because at Barton Consultants we know how to create markets in which your law firm can be a leading firm.
  • We help your firm to be more competitive, effective and efficient, both externally and internally.
  • We advise you on your corporate and personal branding.
  • We offer comprehensive advice: the internal is reflected in the external and vice versa.
  • Because of our 20 years record of providing services to clients in Europe, USA, Latin America, and Asia. Barton Consultants has been the pioneering legal marketing consultancy firm in continental Europe, since 2001.


Francesc Dominguez | Barton Consultants

Francesc Domínguez

Marketing consultant for professional service firms and personal branding adviser. Francesc has been the pioneering legal marketing consultant in continental Europe, since 2001.

Iolanda Guiu | Barton Consultants

Iolanda Guiu

Adviser in online marketing and talent management. Iolanda has extensive experience as a human resource director in the professional service industry.